Mold Remediation for Carolina Coast, NC

For properties across Carolina Coast, NC, that are having problems with mold, you can trust the mold mitigation contractors from Paul Davis. There are different types of mold, and they can be harmful to people living in the home, causing problems like an allergic reaction or respiratory issues. Our damage specialists can determine the type of mold in your place, and they have experience in removing it. Your home will be in good hands when our mold remediation contractors are on the job.

Can Mold in Your Home Kill You?

Unless you have pre-existing conditions, mold on your property won’t kill you or make you sick. However, it’s still crucial to get the situation under control.

Mold can grow anywhere there is lingering moisture, and this could be inside the walls where a pipe might have a leak. How can you tell if your home has a mold issue if it isn’t visible? If anyone in the home is experiencing terrible, cold-like symptoms, irritated eyes or breathing issues, you should contact a mold remediation contractor right away. Our professionals will make your home secure again by implementing the following:

  • Black mold examination
  • Control the mold so it won’t spread
  • Use air filtration methods to remove spores from the air
  • Residential and commercial mold removal
  • Apply antimicrobial treatments to disinfect and deodorize
  • Install new drywall, ceilings and floors

24/7 Mold Remediation for Carolina Coast, NC

If not treated correctly, mold will continue to appear and spread. Mold is an entity that poses no threat in a home or building until it takes root and starts thriving. Mold is able to grow on any surface, and your property is the perfect habitat for it. Your local restoration crew is trained and certified in mold removal, and we adhere to the strict codes that NC implements. Our background as the nation’s premier restoration company allows our teams to tackle any renovation and restoration for commercial and residential spaces. Along with professional training in emergency disaster recovery, we will rebuild and repair damages to your property that stem from such an event.

Our mold damage restoration services consist of:

  • 24-hour emergency response – We will be on-site and ready to help within hours
  • Prompt mold infiltration assessment from trained professionals
  • Professional-grade water extractors, dehumidifiers, air movers and other equipment used to efficiently extract excess water
  • Efficient containment of affected area and removal of contaminated materials
  • Cleaning of contents and other personal possessions
  • Applying of disinfectants and antimicrobials used to help prevent future mold growth
  • Sanitation, deodorization and air purification

Call Us Right Away

When time is of the essence, look to Paul Davis Restoration for help. Our teams have a prompt response time, so when they are deployed to the job, they are ready to work. We do 24/7 emergency response services to offer help any time of the day or night in Carolina Coast. Whatever the disaster or situation you’re facing, call your local team at (910) 452-7290.